Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Where oh where?

Oh where, oh where are you my third letter of recommendation writer??

The first got hers out yesterday and responded to my email the same day I sent it. The second I emailed at 8 this morning, just got a response, and he plans to send out my letters tomorrow.

But--number three: where are you? I emailed you last week, no? I do not want to get annoying and email you again. I know someone else who is expecting something from you who has had no response either. I hope everything is okay. And not simply because I need your letter. But that is a large part of it.


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Anonymous said...

don't let the bastards drive you out of the discipline, they try in any program, their goal is career-publish-a grant here or there-publish-publish and don't care, for one day you shall have a six-figure sociological salary