Monday, February 19, 2007

never a good sign

I just found myself searching google for "gone with the wind fan fiction." I thought this period in my life was over, but it has been reawakened. Is this a genuine resurgence of interest in the best movie and book of all time* or some sort of unconscious attempt to keep me from writing and studying?

*Yes. Despite the racism and the sexism and my love and obsession with, among other things, Harry Potter and the entirety of Jane Austen, I have to admit that 1) GWTW is, if not better, often more satisfying, and that 2) I would never have read either of the others were it not for GWTW, in both direct and indirect ways. In fact, I imagine my life would be very different today were it not for GWTW.


a very public sociologist said...

You mean to say there's no Rhett Butler/Gerald O'Hara slash out there???? ;)

Jennifer said...

Alas, no. But that would be pretty awesome. Though I think I would kind of like some Scarlett/Melanie. However, Melanie is entirely too good to be paired with Scarlett. Rhett and Ashley strikes me as interesting, though...

I would love a good Scarlett/Ashley story! The two of them always intrigued me as a potential couple. Scarlett loves him for years, yet if she ever had him, if she ever knew him, she would realize the silliness of it all. Still, given Ashley's desire for her and Scarlett's schoolgirl crush, I wonder how long it would have taken them to figure out (well, how long it would take Scarlett anyway--Ashley totally knows) that they would be an awful match.