Sunday, May 04, 2008

after this post, no one will ever believe that i am actually busy and have quite a lot of work to do.

Everyone will believe I sit around watching movie adaptations of 19th century novels. But, I assure you, this is a recent (as in, within the past week) phenomenon.

I take a break from my blogging break to inform you that in today's tally, Ciaran Hinds is one for two. I have previously loved him in adaptations of Jane Austen's Persuasion (1995 version) and Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre (1997 version), as Captain Wentworth and Mr. Rochester, respectively. On both of those fronts today he was challenged by two more recent (2007 and 2006) adaptations.

As for Jane Eyre, I loved the 1997 version and expected to be unimpressed with this one. But Toby Stephens won me over and is now my very favorite Mr. Rochester. Rupert Penry-Jones, however, kind of sucked it up as Captain Wentworth. I freely admit that part of his problem may have been the unfortunate script. And another that Ciaran Hinds was so firmly fixed in my mind as Anne Elliot's long-lost love.

It's kind of funny, actually. I expected to dislike the new Mr. R because he was too good-looking to play him, yet he pulled it off. On the other hand, I was quite looking forward to a better-looking Captain W. (as there is nothing in the story itself, unlike in JE, that calls for an unattractive hero), yet he failed spectacularly.

Ah well. I will return to my blogging seclusion once more. Only a few more weeks until I am out of the desert and back to giving you, dear reader(s), generally useless updates.

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a very public sociologist said...

I take it all your work is going very well simply because you're not turning to blogging as a procrastination outlet!

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