Friday, January 16, 2009

update, bullet-point-style.

As a quick glance down this page will show, I am an amazingly bad blogger. Except for a brief, election-fueled revival, this blog has lain dormant for a while. So, rather than go into too much detail about what I've been up to, and rather than make any promises about future quantity or quality of updates, I will put the past few months of my life into bullet points.
  • I left the desert and moved back to Texas. I am grateful for the trees and lakes, but at the very present I am missing the mild winters of Tucson.
  • I had a life plan, then I changed it; at the moment I am more-or-less clueless and taking any and all suggestions or advice.
  • I have a job. A fairly boring and awful job. But it took me a few months to find one. And there is something satisfying about going to work every day and then leaving, knowing that one has done something and earned something. I still can't wait to leave. But perhaps to a better real job.
  • I fell in love with my adorable nephew.
  • I became re-consumed by fiction. It's exciting. After years of reading non-fiction almost exclusively, I've dived back in. There are loads of things I want to read and haven't and many more I ought to have read and never got around to.
  • Oh my gosh, I read some Charles Dickens. Dickens, who I passionately dislike. Dickens, whose excessive wordiness makes me want to tear my hair out. Dickens, who is not in fact so very awful. I intend to read more, though I'm not sure what next.
  • Speaking of prejudices overcome, I now watch Lost. For a few weeks this summer I watched multiple episodes a day. I am no eagerly awaiting the season premiere. I hereby officially apologize to all friends whose Lost-obsession I mercilessly mocked. You were right.
  • I stopped watching Father Ted online and on late-night PBS. I bought the box set. (I have been telling you how hilarious this series is for years. You should finally watch it.)
  • I have been awful at keeping in touch with all sorts of friends. But I talked to Ema tonight and am happy.

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