Sunday, November 21, 2004

Statement of Purpose

I'm not entirely sure what I'll be putting in this blog at the moment. In my livejournal currently, I've been mostly posting political, sociological stuff anyway recently. So that blog might just die. Who knows. I'll keep it, though, if I feel a random need to rant about something of a more personal nature.

Here, I'll probably put some essays whenever the mood strikes, interesting things I learn in class, links to news articles that seem relevent...

But, regardless of the eventual fate of this blog, at the moment, I'm merely using it as a procrastination tool, to keep me from studying for my constitutional law final.

When that is finally over (on Tuesday), I will go full force into writing my paper for Race and Ethnicity. So, I can expect to start regularly posting sometime after the 2nd of December, when all classes and finals are finished and I can settle into my (ridiculously long--39 days!!) winter break.

Feel free to reply to this, say hi, or something. It would be great to get to know people who don't actually know me in real life and only read my blog out of a sense of obligation to see what's going on in my life (and finding that I don't really talk about it all that much). But, if I know you in real life, please post as well!

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