Friday, November 11, 2005

Today was a sucky day.

We had a field trip for one of my classes today. I saw honking huge hogs being slaughtered. (It was a work & occupations sociology course.) Wonderful way to begin my morning. But it got better. Turns out I had locked my keys in my car. At the hog-slaughtering place. So, one of my classmates gave me a ride back to school, where my roommate (shout-out to Ema!) took me back, I got my car, and I came back to school.

Today is/was just a bleh-y day.

I am also theoretically confused. Quite literally. I am confused about theory. Not so much about theory itself, but what I think about it. That makes no sense. Oh well. We need a real feminist theory class at UTD.

I have so much to do this weekend. I procrastinate too much.

Honestly, and I'm not making excuses, one of the reasons I've not updated lately is that for some reason blogger wouldn't let me log in from my computer, saying something about cookies or some other nonsensical thing. So, yeah, I was totally going to update Tuesday night. I was going to whine about my theoretical confusion. I may do that later. Who knows.


halcyon67 said...

If you ever get that error message about cookies, just refresh the window and if it still doesn't work log in then log out.

Sometimes, I get that too. I just go to Internet Settings, and I think Security and Content then click off the hole then click back on it. That usually solves the problem.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Samantha! For some reason it kept doing it, even after I had restarted. But it stopped, so it's ok now. Hmm..