Thursday, April 27, 2006

"But... you seemed so sweet and nice..."

[I will post apologies and excuses for my long absence from the blogosphere later.]

Today, a fellow student in one of my (non-sociology) classes expressed surprise that I was liberal. Apparently, from my "demeanor," one would never "suspect" my politics. I certainly don't try to seem like a conservative. And no one who knows me (or has me in classes where I actually talk) would suspect me of being one.

Evidently, my facebook profile surprised this woman. Not only have I checked "very liberal" for my politics (although I don't feel that this is an accurate description, really), but I am also a member of groups such as "I did not vote for Bush," "I did not vote for Prop. 2," "Gay marriage killed the dinosaurs," and the "Royal Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster" group. Not to mention the Amnesty and N.O.W. groups. Or the favorite quotes and books I've chosen--clearly, um, biased.

Why oh why do people always assume I am a conservative? What is it in my manner of being in the world that gives off that impression? Nothing, of course, is wrong with being a conservative*, and fitting in nicely with the conservative set might not be a bad thing considering my interest in conservative social movements, but I'm kind of weirded out that people (people, mind you, who are not at all aware of my conservative background!) seem to "get" that about me.

Could it be my accent? Do I speak so Texas-y that people figure I must vote like the rest of the state? My clothes? Anything??

*besides being either misinformed or immoral**
**just kidding***

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