Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sociology of Knowledge

  • Why have I not been formally introduced to this (ever)?
  • It's amazingly exciting.
  • In a few of my undergrad courses, a soc of knowledge type of analysis seems to have been the basis of the class, the whole point, really.
  • These were my favorite, favorite classes.
  • I just read Berger and Luckmann and am giddy and excited.
  • But, I kind of always assumed that "good sociology" was a form of sociology of knowledge (even though I didn't know the term for it), that it considers the origins of ideas, the construction of concepts, questions taken-for-granted assumptions, looks at the definition of the "problem" and examines how that definition leads to certain answers and solutions. How does social structure influence the very categories we use to think and construct ideas? This is what originally excited me about sociology.
  • I'm learning that what's considered to be good sociology does not always do this.

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