Saturday, January 20, 2007

Calling all children of the 80s

Do any of you remember the Disney show "Welcome to Pooh Corner"? It was back in the days when The Disney Channel didn't air commercials. Way back in the day. Anyway, I suspect many of you are thinking, "Oh, of course I remember Winnie-the-Pooh on t.v.!" But you are probably remembering many of WtP's other Disney incarnations, most likely, I suspect, "The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh," which aired from 1988-1992.

But, "Welcome to Pooh Corner" was head and shoulders above the rest. I remember watching it avidly and singing along. And this is particularly remarkable, because it aired from 1983-1987. I would have been about 3 when it went off the air. Unlike subsequent animated versions, this one was made with live action people in suits and puppets for smaller characters (like Roo and Piglet).

I have asked many people about this show, and they do not remember it.

Here is the (still brilliant) intro:

Here is the intro for the (somewhat less brilliant) version that you probably remember from your formative years:


a very public sociologist said...

Looks superb ... but sadly not screened in the UK :(

Btw good to find another sociology grad student in blogland - do you know any others?

Jennifer said...

Hi! It's definitely good to hear from another soc grad student. The only other soc grad student in the blogosphere that I know of is at

So, what sorts of things do you study?

a very public sociologist said...

All sorts!

My thesis is on the radicalisation and commitment of socialist activists. I'm using an intensive series of life history interviews. Understandably this is a topic of much musing on my own blog!

But other interests include Marx and Marxism, (critique of) political economy, Bourdieu, post-structuralism and postmodernism, and feminism (phew!).

How about you?

I'll make sure your blog is linked when I start listing sociology blogs on mine :)

Jennifer said...

Sorry I missed your comment! Your research sounds really interesting. I'm interested in social movements, as well, but I am particularly interested in conservative movements. It seems like they get under-studied in the social movement literature.

My other interests are feminist theory, gender, and race.

And now I'm headed over to check out your blog!