Wednesday, January 31, 2007

in which I am both weak and economically sensible

I bought a coffee pot. Not an expensive one. In fact, I think it was the cheapest one at Target. When I came out here in the fall, I purposefully did not bring my coffee pot. The reason for this was that I was I had quit caffeine and the presence of a machine for producing that thing which I craved didn't seem like a particularly good idea.

And so I dealt with the headaches and other withdrawal symptoms. I don't mean to seem as if I totally quit. I had a few (okay, several) slips. But the fact that I was not drinking caffeinated things (coffee, tea, or soda) on a several-times-a-day basis reduced the degree to which I had built up a tolerance for it. One cup of coffee (and I mean a real cup, not those massive caffeine bombs that Starbucks et al. call "venti" or "grande") actually woke me up. I could have a diet dr. pepper for a quick bump in the middle of a long day.

But over Christmas, I lapsed. I started back on the coffee and the diet dr. pepper. And so, since I've been back, I've been buying coffee on the way to school every morning because I literally need it if I am going to function properly. This is not economically sensible. I could either spend $20 on a coffee pot once, and a few bucks here and there on the actual coffee. Or I could spent like $3 every day.

So, the answer was clear. But I can't help, while sitting here drinking my home-brewed coffee, that I have failed in my quest to conquer caffeine. It has forced me to admit defeat.

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