Wednesday, March 07, 2007

it's only a week.

Do you think it would be okay to leave some dishes in the sink over spring break? Before you start saying, "Hey didn't you learn this lesson over Christmas break, what with the eggnog in the fridge for several weeks?" remember that this does not involve dairy. I will, of course, be removing the already-dead milk from the refrigerator. The dishes aren't gross or anything... a cutting board and various pieces of tupperware that held non-messy things. It shouldn't start smelling in a week. But this reminds me that I need to remember to take out the trash. Yesterday I cut up a lot of veggies for stir fry, and those will smell pretty gross if I allow them to sit out for a week.

I'm not usually this lazy.* It's just that it's almost midnight and I have a whole lot to do before leaving tomorrow.

*That is, of course, a lie. I am usually this lazy.


a very public sociologist said...

I see your laziness has got the better of you again, no blog post for over two weeks! Tut tut! Well I hope you do soon because I'm in the process of updating my blog with a sociology blogs section, and you're in it so get scribbling!

PS Been out the blogging loop for a while myself, but good to see you're still plugging away.

Jennifer said...

Yes, the laziness hit again :-) Thanks for spurring me back into action!