Friday, March 30, 2007

Worse than Watergate*

After a lazy hiatus, I am back. Perhaps later I will tell you about my traveling misadventures, the new apartment I'll be moving into in May, or the week from hell, part 2. But right now, I'll tell you about my hair.

So, all this week, maintenance is going around my apartment building, adjusting or checking something in all the bathrooms. Yesterday they did mine. It was fine, everything worked properly before they came and after they left. So I don't know if what they did is at all related to what happened this morning.

This morning, after gloriously sleeping in until 10, I got into the shower and began to wash my hair. Just as I began to lather my hair with shampoo, the water began to spurt ominously, but I didn't think much of it and kept lathering away. Just as I was to begin rinsing, the water stopped all together. "Weird," I thought, and stood there for a few minutes, waiting for it to come back on. When it seemed clear that more water was not forthcoming, I got out, wrung my hair as much as possible (still, mind you, with the shampoo all in it!), and checked the other faucets in the apartment, none of which seemed to be working.

It was 10:30 or so. I called the apartment office, only to get a voicemail machine, which was curious since they are typically open on Fridays. Then I go back to yesterday's email and see that, due to repainting in the office, they won't open until noon today. Great.

I then heard maintenance people outside in the hall. I was sure they had to be working on the water issue, and I felt comforted. I decided just to sit and wait until the water came back on. I turned all of the faucets to the on position so that I would hear the moment the water started working again. I emailed some of the people in my cohort to get them to take notes in today's brownbag in case I wouldn't be able to make it.

By 11:20, I was giving up hope, so I decided to brave going out with the gross hair to go buy some bottled water to rinse my hair out so that I could try to make it to the brownbag on time. So I run to a convenience store. I get back and hear the water running. And then stopping. And then a trickle.

I just finished rinsing my hair with the bottled water. The water is back on now and has been for a while. Hopefully it's here to stay. But I missed the brownbag. And am probably going to take a real shower now. Today isn't starting off well.

*Sorry for the corny title. But get it? haha--Watergate! Anyway, it is a good book.

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a very public sociologist said...

You'll know to fill a bucket as insurance next time.

Good to see you back at the blogging coalface :)