Sunday, October 14, 2007

I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age today.

I have to say, it's very biased against poor Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary also has a Scottish accent in the film, which makes no sense. She would have spoken French.

It made Mary out to be a pretty awful plotter on Elizabeth's life, and that isn't historically unambiguous. It's not clear exactly what went down. Poor Mary gets a bad historical rap.

Oh well, the movie was okay. I just have to remember that it's like the Fox News of 16th century politics. All bias, no nuance, but it sure is sensational!

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RH said...

I saw Elizabeth the golden age today, too.

Did you notice all the shots with microphones dangling down? Must be more than 150 in this flick PLUS there is an entire boom and mic in one shot.

Sloppiest moviemaking I've ever seen! The flick will become a laughingstock example for film schools.

My only question is: how does this come to pass?