Saturday, October 06, 2007

Random political thoughts.

(Because I don't feel like developing each one of these into a proper post. These are mostly stream of consciousness rants. Feel free to skip this post.)

  • Torture is never pro-life, no matter how you try to justify it.
  • What is with Rush Limbaugh calling soldiers who dissent from the President "phony soldiers"? So, he just likes soldiers and vets when they serve his agenda?
  • Mike Huckabee is probably the Republicans' best bet, but they're never going to realize that, as a party. They'll end up with Romney or Giuliani. This might be a function of the compressed primary cycle, where the frontrunners are going to win it all. Hello, Hillary.
  • How clever were the Dems to make President Bush veto a health care for kids bill (SCHIP)? I mean, it's a good bill, but it was total political theater. And good on them! Usually it's the Repubs who manage to manipulate the media effectively; the democrats usually come off a wimps. Well, actually, the Democrats usually are wimps. As much as I hate the "political game," I'm glad the Democrats are gaining some competency at it.
  • How disgusting is this whole Blackwater thing?
  • War, incidentally, is not pro-life, either. One can make a case for it, and perhaps even justify it, but it's never "pro-life."
  • How funny was it that Fred Thompson had to ask an audience for applause?
  • How funny is the Fred Thompson/James Dobson debacle?
  • "General Betray Us" was cheesy and ineffective. But how is that different than how Max Cleland and other soldier candidates have been smeared? Don't feign outrage about this one.
  • I want to read Clarence Thomas's new biography. It will probably make me sad. But I still want to read it.
  • Wouldn't it be funny if Giuliani got nominated and the Christian Right decided not to vote for him and went for a third party candidate instead?
  • Why do Ron Paul people insist upon putting stickers everywhere?
  • And how is Ron Paul raising money? Who is giving to that campaign, knowing it is going nowhere?

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Taylor Fortune said...

awesome! I completly agree