Friday, February 18, 2005

Census follow-up

Well, as you can see below, I decided to take a census of my "readers." Here's the thing: it doesn't work if you don't respond. Now, don't worry going down there and quickly commenting to make me feel better. My feelings are already hurt.

Thank you to Kitty and Jeremy for actually responding. Those comments did provide the requested self-esteem boost because they're actually people I don't know in real life--who, at least once, looked at my blog!

As for the rest of you: four of you sent me a message saying, "hey, I saw your post. I read your journal!" For some (no doubt mental disorder related) reason, I need to see it in the comments to believe it. Was it really and truly a great big hassle to click on "Post a Comment" and say something like, "This is _____ and I'm reading right now." ?

You all disappoint me.

(But I still love you. And if you get blogs I will always comment.)


Kitty said...

Actually, you do know me IRL. I'm one of Lauren's friends, from her birthday party. There was much talking, and we're taking essentially the same women's studies class. Yes?

Jennifer said...

*hits self on head*

Of course! I'm sorry!

Thanks for responding :-)