Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Teacher/student sex scandals

I find this interesting. Now, it's just wrong when a teacher has sex with a student. I'm totally not disputing that. It is an egregious abuse of power, especially when students are so young. The thing is, it seems like almost every case that I've heard about recently has been a female teacher with a male student. But, I would be very much surprised if it didn't happen the other way around just as, if not more, frequently.

I mean, I've talked to several people who say that it definitley happened at their schools. One person knows a couple who's been married for 10 years that first started having sex when he was a high school teacher/coach and she was in tenth grade.

So, I wonder if the greater attention given to these cases has anything to do with the fact that we view older male/younger female as somehow "normal" and aren't as weirded out by them?

I don't know... I have no clue if they are indeed more prevalent. I'm just guessing. It seems weird though.

Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I believe that when a older male/younger female have a sexual relationship that is not has shunned upon as older female/younger male. I think the teacher/student sex scandals have become sexiest just like every other in the world.