Wednesday, February 16, 2005

In which the author seeks a self esteem boost

I've been told by an authority on the subject that a "proper blog" must be updated at least twice a day. I average around twice a week. But a proper blog has more than two readers. I'm not convinced that this one does. So different rules must apply here.

But, out of curiousity, I am going to take an official Random Rants and Ravings census. No matter who you are, whether you randomly stumbled upon this site or read it regularly (ha!), if you are reading this post, take a moment and comment. Just anything. Give me some confidence!


Kitty said...

Reading, but not commenting much as I'm on another blog system, though I was tempted to ask you to have my kittens after "Straight Pride Week". Update on your own schedule, really, if they're going to continue to be of this quality. Definately worth the wait.

jeremy said...

Reporting for the census count. Don't let the proper-blogs-post-twice-a-day people discourage you.