Saturday, September 10, 2005


Apparently the electricity was out at some point in the wee hours of the morning. 'Cause my alarm clock got turned off. As I didn't go to bed 'till 4:30 this morning, you can imagine how I slept! My feet didn't touch the floor until well after noon. So much for a productive day.

Ever since then, I have sat at the computer, catching up on my news. And it just depresses me more. I won't blog about it.

Things to do today:
--clean room (no small task, I've been lazy all week and clutter is everywhere.)
--study for GRE (I took a practice test last night. I did pretty good on the verbal section, but I won't even say how I did on the quantitative, it was that embarrassing.)
--revise personal statement, make it less pathetic-sounding
--research graduate schools and make preliminary list, of top 20 or so to apply to.
--read for classes (I have a combined 520 pages to read this weekend for next week, so that will be a considerable time investment)
--re-dye my hair? it's currently dark brown, which was done because of the scary red I did on Monday evening. I can fix this, surely.
--clean out and organize my hopelessly pathetic closet. If I have time. I may not get to this one.
--talk to D. about NOW meeting next week, make fliers, discuss times, etc.

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