Thursday, January 05, 2006

Going to California!

But not quite yet.

Tomorrow I have (another) meeting with an advisor. Who, inevitably, will not know what to do with the whole double degree thing. *sigh*

I will not be mailing my 1/15 deadline grad application supplementary materials tomorrow, either. There are a few reasons for this. I have not printed everything out because by the time I got around to going to the library, they were closed (I know! It's crazy!). I still kind of need to finish cutting my statement of purpose down for two schools and I need to shorten my writing sample for a third who limits to 20 pages. But, all of these could have been done (I would have found ways to print, etc) were it not for the fact that the letters that recommender #2 said would be left with the department secretary, were, um, not. They needed to be sent in the packet with the other materials. So, I'm going to hold off sending until Friday a week from now (when I get back from CA). That's the 13th. I'll overnight them. Bleh. Like $13 a piece. Rec #3 owes me.

On the good side, my UCSB app is complete. They still hadn't received #2's letter, but I emailed her and she faxed it right over, so all is right in the world. At least in Santa Barbara, CA (where I will be 24 hours from now!), Evanston, IL, and Madison, WI. My applications are complete for those schools.

Tomorrow, before I leave, I have to go buy a hairbrush. I can't forget that. And bring writing samples to try to cut down/find another on the plane/waiting at the airport.

Oh, and I have a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck! I am totally going to need this CA trip by the time it gets here (approx. 8.14pm).

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