Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Should I be worried?

So, I thought I'd email the sociology dept at UT to make sure they had everything, and, sure enough, five minutes later, I get an email back saying that "Yes, we have received everything, and your file is under review." That's great, I think to myself. Everything is set. I can relax.

Then I thought, "I should've asked him about when I might expect to hear back." Surely there's a way I can check the status of my application without being annoying? Sure enough, after a quick search through my email (I love Gmail), I found that I had a UT EID with which I could go online and check the status. I get on and it says that everything is there, but that they need another UTD transcript through Spring 2005. I sent them two. That's how many they wanted.

Right now I'm about to go mail them another. But, if the dude said everything was in and that my app is under review, is everything okay? Or should I be concerned? Is it worth emailing this guy back and saying, "well, the status check thingy says I need this..."

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