Monday, January 30, 2006

I just had two very scary moments.

First, I wanted to check the status of my UCSB application (incidentally, no change, review is still "in progress"), so I went to the department website, where I happened to see an application to be a TA. Which I had never seen before and had never filled out. The website said that many students were supported by TAships, and I had been counting on that, but I had entirely neglected to fill out this application. Clearly, it was the end of the world. I clicked on the link, prepared to print and send it with deepest apologies, abject begging, and overnight mail, where, to my relief, I saw that the application was only for people outside of the department applying to TA sociology courses.

Then, I had just gotten an email from the grad secretary at Indiana (there had been a mix-up on my part with several of my supporting documents) confirming that all of my materials were in, and I thought I would check to see if their online application had a place for status updates (can't hurt to check). I searched through my email to find the link, but a search for "indiana application" turned up nothing. I became paranoid that I had not actually submitted an application for Indiana, just my supplementary materials, that in all the filling out of online forms and paying exorbitent application fees, I had actually completley forgotten to do Indiana's. Rationality took over; I reasoned with myself that it was impossible that I had not actually applied. Didn't the secretary just say that my file was complete and given to the committee?

Turns out, Indiana was one of the first schools I had decided to apply to, and this was before I had my gmail acccount. I had done it through my old yahoo account.

All was well with the world.

I still hate waiting, though.

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