Monday, May 01, 2006

Once and for all

Let it be known: Percy Weasley* is fundamentally, way down deep, a good guy, and will come around in the end. This statement is the end of my public discussion on the topic.

Also, wearing my "Severus Snape is innocent" shirt in public is probably not something I'll do again anytime soon. Too many random people coming up to me and arguing at me.

*I do not mean my computer here. I have given up on him.


Ema said...

You do realize that there is a clear link between your computers and their Harry Potter counterparts, right? One of these days your sense in the real world will match your (currently faulty) insight in the Rawlings one.

Jennifer said...

Too bad your judgement on Percy Weasley the character has already matched your (currently faulty) spelling abilities.


Sorry for the snarkiness, but you just don't understand Percy Weasley. But as I proclaimed the end to debate on this issue, I'll leave off here.