Saturday, August 26, 2006

I hate CSA and sociological abstracts.

Actually, I love them. They make finding what I need a lot easier than, you know, flipping through journal articles. However, I want to punch them in their (metaphorical) faces when, after spending two hours going through and marking useful-looking citations, when I come back to get them (I left the page open, not like I navigated away from or closed the list), it says that I have been logged out and I need to log back on.

Of course, the problem is that I had never had a username for that website, I was never logged on. I was on campus, so I was using it through the university. grr. When it gave me the logged out message, I quickly clicked back hoping to see my list, unharmed. No such luck. Just another message telling me to "re"login.

Grr. Of course, rather than starting going through all of my searches again, I am here ranting about it.

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