Sunday, April 01, 2007

add another one to the list

In addition to academic crushes, I also have literary and historical crushes. It's sad but true. This weekend, I have spent the better part of the time I should have been studying for my stats exam on Tuesday reading, or, rather, listening to, The Da Vinci Code. It's on audio, so I can't read quickly like I would have done with a book; I was stuck with the pace of the (rather good) narrator. Anyway, I've just finished it, and have now added Robert Langdon to my list of literary crushes. If you're keeping track, here's where the list stands, in order of preference. But this order can change on a whim and is often correlated with how recently I have read the book in question.

Remus Lupin
, Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: werewolf, friend to James and Lilly Potter, protector of Harry, likely former lover of Sirius Black*, currently in a relationship with Nymphadora Tonks.

Robert Langdon, Professor of Religious Iconography and Symbology at Harvard University, foremost expert, looks like "Harrison Ford in Harris tweed." He's currently involved with Sophie Neveu.

Rhett Butler, general scoundrel, speculator, and surprisingly intensely loving guy who Scarlett will get back, in the end.

Henry Tilney, brilliant and sarcastic young clergyman, engaged to Catherine Morland, a silly girl who does not deserve him as I do

Atticus Finch, lawyer father in To Kill a Mockingbird

Theodore Laurence, aka Laurie, another funny guy who married a silly girl who does not deserve him, Amy March; he should absolutely be with Jo March--incidentally, I also have a bit of a crush on her

Edward Ferrars
, another young Jane Austen clergyman; he's not quite so much fun as Henry T., but lovely nonetheless. And Elinor is lovely, too!

Edmund Bertram, not to harp on the JA clergymen, but, really, they're hard to resist

Gilbert Blythe
, I read the Anne of Green Gables books only for him

Mr. Knightley, particularly hard to resist when played by Jeremy Northam

Pointedly not on this list is Mr. Darcy.

Historical crushes are irrelevant to this post, but include:
Sir Isaac Newton--he's hot, have a look
Sir Laurence Olivier
Mary, Queen of Scots
Lord Byron
Eleanor of Aquitaine
John of Gaunt--though this might qualify more as a literary than historical crush. I love him in Katherine, but he was not a nice guy in real life.
Prince Albert
George Washington

*it's true and i'll argue with you if i have to

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