Sunday, March 06, 2005

I want this license plate!

On the random, impromptu Austin trip this weekend I saw the Best License Plate Ever. It was on 35 South, during our hastily reconsidered side trip to San Antonio. It was: C60 GRR.

I've seen other exciting ones, but GRR is awesome. One time, I saw ### CIA right next to ### KGB (not protecting car identities, just don't remember what the numbers were). That was pretty funny. I thought I saw ### GOD once, but it was GDD.

Overall, Austin was exciting. I might just consider UT for grad school. The campus was large and the people seemed exciting. UTD is tiny in comparison. And less exciting. Sort of makes me wish I had had the dorm living experience.

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Cheeky Prof said...

Oh, the "grr" license plate has my name all over it!