Monday, March 07, 2005

Student Fees

Well, UT-Dallas is finally earning all those student fees that they make me pay along with my tuition every semester. Err--that my scholarship pays along with my tuition every semester.

This week, I have:

1) set up a meeting with my advisor. I've only ever met with her once. I need to add minors and make sure I'm on track for graduation and ask about how to do my senior honors thesis next semester. Advising fee: $8.00/semester hour. So, $168.00 for this meeting!

2) decided to set up an appointment with a counselor from the Counseling Center to deal with my extreme anxiety issues. Never done this OR visited the campus health center before. That medical services fee: $27.00/semester. Wow, this is cheaper than the advising meeting.

3) went and worked out. sort of. either way, I went to the Activity Center. Which I've done a big once before. Recreation Center fee: $61.00/semester. I don't even think I burned 61 calories!

4) sent a transcript request to the Records Office. Ok, I've done this a few times this semester. They've earned their $18.00/semester fee.

5) checked out like 8 books from the library. I usually don't use the UTD library. One of them I got today was a brand new book, so that makes this particular fee even more pertinant: Library Acquisition Fee--$10.00/semester.

6) sat in the student union for hours and read one of aforementioned books. I rarely use the Student Union. So, for my sitting in the comfy chair in the Comet Lounge, I paid $60.00 this semester.

7) registered with the career center. To look for internships and stuff. This is part of the Student Service Fee, which is $16.60 per semester hour, so $348.60--except that there's a maximum of $149.40. Interesting.

To think, I've been wasting so much money all along. The weird thing is, the time I'm finally using them is spring break. I guess it's 'cause I finally have time.

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Anonymous said...

ooh--the counseling center is awesome. they're good with whatever's going on, or for just somebody to talk to. they've been lifesavers this past year with all thats been going on.