Thursday, March 03, 2005

The twisted tale of my fragile self esteem (ok, not really)

Well, today was a mixed-news kinda day.

First off, it is now, officially, Spring Break!

AND--I am the Queen of Midterms. A's or A+'s in every class!

[please forgive the blatant self-esteem building... you'll see why...]

I just checked my email, only to find:

The committee just completed the process of selecting participants for the summer
2005 REU program at the University of Texas Population Research Center. This was an unusually strong year for applications, and we only have eight positions. While the committee was impressed with your application, you were not one of the eight students selected to receive an offer.

We wish you the best of luck in your educational endeavors.

I'm actually sort of cool with this. Austin would've been fun. But, the program wasn't really a good "fit." It was more demography... I'm more sociology...

I just find it funny: "the committee was impresed with your application." Umm.. yeah... only it was sent to every single person they rejected on a CC'd list. Makes me feel really special.

It's ok though. My self-esteem is in tact (due in large part to rockin' midterm grades), and I still have another application out there! Wish me luck!

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