Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Fixing the problem

Now, today honestly isn't Jennifer-hates-Arnold day, but I've got something else about California's lovely governor to share.The Governor wanted to be shown fixing a pothole in a street, as a symbol of his desire to help the lives of everyday Californians.

Ok, so, the logical thing to do would be to 1) find a pothole, and 2) fix it, with news cameras all around to record the Awesome Deed.But, no, clearly it was more logical to, rather than fix one of the huge potholes only a few blocks away, create a whole new one, at taxpayer's expense, for The Governator to fill.

Now, am I outraged about this? No. But I am outraged about what it represents: it is just an example of the fact that politics in this country is all staged. Remember the negotiations each side had to go through before the debates in the last presidential election? Temperature of the room, angle of the cameras, what points can be brought up, height of the podium, etc etc. Remember Bush's "town hall" meetings where participants and questions were pre-screened? These aren't real events, they're pseudo events meant to manipulate us.

Does creating a problem in order to be the hero and fix it sound familiar? It should.

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