Friday, May 06, 2005

End of Semester/Beginning of Summer

I have no good reason or excuse to explain my laziness in updating. So, I won't try.

On the positive side: I got all As and an A+ for the semester, so I'm happy!

Also, if you'll notice, on the right hand side of this blog (scroll down a bit--below archives, above blogroll), I have added a list of things (mostly books) that I am consuming. Or, at least that are on my list to consume this summer. Some of them are books that I started earlier this year but have since set aside for other books or because of classes. I think I'm in the middle of five books right now. I'll finish those first, and then get started on the rest of the list. They look really exciting. And that means I'll probably have lots of ranting and raving blog posts about them.

You see, I am determined to have an exciting and productive summer. Which involves lots of reading. And, also, finding a job. I've applied for quite a few, but, as usual, have had none call me back, mostly due, I am certain, to my lack of retail or office experience. Of course, there is no way to get said experience unless someone actually gives me a job.

To do this summer:
--get lots of exciting reading done
--become a better blogger (more interesting, more frequent)
--study for and become Master of the GRE
--narrow down some graduate schools to apply to
--make money
--continue with work out plan
--cut back on caffeine, must stop addiction
--come up with fascinating yet practical ideas for senior theses (one for sociology and one for gender studies)
--re-learn Spanish; this just seems like a fun and useful thing
--beat high score on Snake game on cell phone; it is so frustrating--I haven't been able to beat my best score for like a month

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