Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's officially Harry Potter week!

I guess it has been ever since the Order of the Phoenix movie came out (sure, a rather long week, spanning Tuesday to Saturday of the next week). But, the party really starts tomorrow. I'm leaving in the morning for Texas, where my hair will become Weasley red, in the hopes that all Weasleys make it out of Deathly Hallows happy and in tact.

I am positively giddy. I'm kind of going around singing and smiling at everyone. Everyone else looks at me like I'm a bit of an idiot. But that's okay.

Oh, today I bought a wand. It was from Borders, not from Ollivander's. But Ollivander has been kidnapped by the DE's, now hasn't he? It was the best I could do. It's kind of cheesy. It makes noises. It cost $5. It almost certainly does not have a phoenix feather core. But it gets the job done. So watch out or I'll hex you. Ginny and I both do a mean bat bogey hex.

Don't care about Harry Potter? "Even Muggles like yourself should be celebrating, this happy, happy day!" (random wizard to Vernon Dursley in Philosopher's Stone)

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