Monday, July 02, 2007

Ringo's Rotogravure

That's the record I am currently listening to. Yes, that's right, record. After over a week of wondering whether they still make record players and fretting over whether it would be worth the cost to get one, I've given in and purchased a turntable. For these first five minutes, at least, it's completely worth the time and effort involved in getting it.

I have a rather large (for someone who has never owned a record player) collection of records. I once decorated my living room with some ($.25-$1.00 at thrift stores!) and recently bought a few for about $4 each at Bookmans. The recent ones include post-Beatle projects of The Beatles. Like I could find actual Beatles albums at thrift stores! Ha.

Anyway, I'm currently waxing nostalgic about turntables, records, and an era in which I never lived. I guess if I wanted to be truly nostalgic, I'd bust out a cassette tape player. But those are not nearly so fun.

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