Tuesday, April 26, 2005

game plan for tuesday

For anyone following my sordid tale of an off-balance sleep schedule, I have decided to go the stay-awake-30-hours-and-then-go-to-sleep route, which should not only set my sleep schedule right, but also give me enough sleep tomorrow night that I will wake up on time for 8am study session.

To do today:
  • proofread paper for graduate class
  • proofread final take home exam for gender and education
  • -->both of these will be done while at Starbucks. I had planned on doing this later in the day, but I think I'll get the coffee first off, as I'm starting to get tired
  • come back and make revisions to papers, email final versions to self
  • go see Dr. K about social movements exam, I have a question
  • go put money on copy card so that I can print out final drafts of paper and test (am not only out of black ink, am out of computer paper!) and make copy of article for non-utd friend
  • go print out final copies
  • get a haircut?
  • go buy studying supplies for tonight/tomorrow (ie notecards, caffeine, and something sugary)
  • study for management and social movements
  • make cards for class, status and power study group wed. morning
  • CLEAN.

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