Saturday, April 23, 2005


About a month ago I was watching "Made" on MTV. I've only ever seen it once but the general premise is that if you want to be "made" into something (for example, like in the episode I saw, a wrestler), people will come and train you in how to do it and make you awesome. In the episode I saw, the coach-people were pretty tough on the guy.

That night I had a dream and I was thinking about it again today:

They should have a graduate school applicant episode of Made. Seriously.

Another forceful motivator would call me up every day to see how my classes are going, making sure I'm not suffering from senioritis or anything, screaming at me to get my reading done.

I would have professional editors and such looking over and critiquing my statement of purpose for each school. Maybe a panel of judges that would critique every last sentence, but help me to make it perfect in the end. (I know, it's like I'm mixing my reality tv shows, but, hey it was my dream).

Shots would show me in a rush at the last minute calling up recommenders to make sure they got my letters out (I know some people applying this year who had lots of trouble with this) and then calling schools confirming that they got my apps.

Then, of course, the obligatory tense, angsty scenes awaiting responses.

Maybe a teary rejection or two.

THEN--an acceptance. Or, better still, an interview.

Now, it's like "What Not to Wear," as I get to go out and buy all new clothes, with two fashion experts critiquing my style. I get a haircut and a makeover and interviewing practices. Maybe they make me watch a video of my performance and then judge it like on that WB Actress show.

Yeah, it was an exciting dream.

They would never make the show for all sorts of reasons. 1)No one cares if some Texas girl gets into grad school, 2)I would never get on tv, even if they did decide to do a "Made: Graduate School." But it's fun to think about.

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