Thursday, April 07, 2005

Precisely because...

...I just realized that I have to do a presentation tomorrow, I figured that now was as good a time as any to procrastinate by blogging.

What shall I write, though?

I shall complain. I am good at that.

My schedule for the remainder of the semester:
4/8: report due, presentation (both unprepared at the moment)
4/12: in-class presentation, essay due
4/13: term paper due that I haven't started yet, essay due in another class
4/20: essay due, in-class presentation over honking-huge paper that I haven't even started yet
4/21: final exam, essay due
4/26: final exam
4/27: honking-huge paper due, final exam
4/28: TWO final exams

4/29: SLEEP.

It's weird how I have this thought process, at the near-end of every semester, a sort of fatalistic mindset... I know that everything will get finished, so I tell myself not to worry about it. It will get done in the end. Even if I procrastinate until the last minute and turn in a bunch of crap, the work will get done. And, it won't be a bunch of crap. I think I have this (false) feeling of invincibility that, not only will it "get done," but that it will get done well. Obviously, I'm not going to write a bad paper. *rolls eyes at own arrogance*

I can put it off until the night before, but it will get done and it will get done satisfactorily, so I justify continuing not to do the work. In fact, I am engaging in this risky game right now, telling myself that I can spare the time to write this post. I mean, I know that the presentation and report will be ready by tommorow, so why worry about it?

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