Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My Poor Car

So, many of those who read this blog are aware that Remus, my 2000 Cavalier, has a great big honking dent on the side, which he has sported since 2001, when I unhappily ran into a metal trash can at a gas station. Long story....


So, ever since that fateful day, I have had random people come up to me asking if I need some body work done on the car.

The first time I was in a parking lot and another car came up and signalled to me to roll my window down. The guy then proceeded to ask if I needed the dent fixed and that he could give me a good price.

Sure, I'm going to pay for some random guy to fix my car... It was weird, but I dismissed it.

Later, I was getting a soda or something at a drive-through when a woman got out of a car from across the street and headed towards me. I didn't even know she was coming to talk to me until she was at my window. It was already rolled down and she started talking: my husband told me to come over here and ask if you needed that dent taken care of.

This was getting weird.

Then, one time at a stop light, I got a roll-down-the-window signal and another guy asked if I needed it to be fixed.

This has happened at least 5 times.

Today I was in Starbucks, caffeinating myself while reading for tonight's class. A guy walks in and asks, "Does the green cavalier belong to anyone in here?" Oh no, I thought, has someone smashed it to bits? Has it rolled away and caused a massive accident in the street? Was I parked improperly and given a ticket?

"It's mine," I said tentatively and a guy walked over to me.

"Hey, I saw that dent, and I was wondering...."


Poor Remus needs to be repaired. But, rest assured that when I do, it will not be done by a random guy (or gal, even) who stops me in parking lots, at stopping lights, or at Starbucks, to ask about it. So stop.


-Survivor of the Jennifer Driver said...

I feel the need to inform your reading audience of the truth..

Jennifer is a horrible driver:)

And it was a trash-can guard...not a trash can.

Now I can sleep peacefully


Jennifer said...

I maintain that it was the trash can.

And, I know worse drivers than me.

Besides, I had only been driving by myself for... a day. So generalizing from this experience to my driving in general is a bit of a leap.

But, yay! Sarah commented!

And, yeah, I'm a somewhat lousy driver... But I can [I was going to put something in here that I'm good at, but, sadly enough, cannot think of anything, so pretend I made a witty comment]...