Friday, August 05, 2005


So, I have a honking huge library fine at UTD because I have lost a book and they finally decided to charge me for it. They also put a hold on my records. While this is bad, there is was no pressing need to go pay the $80 until after I got my loan money for the fall. After all, I'm already registered for classes. But--summer class grades are up now. I logged into the SIS, where it said that the grades for the term ("Summer 2005") I was looking for were unavailable.

I was sad. On a lark (never heard anyone in real life use that phrase... it sounded cool) I decided to try to look at my "unofficial transcript" on the SIS. It totally let me see it, and totally had my summer grades on it. HAHAHA, UTD suckers!

Sorry, I'm a dork. And happy about my grades.

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