Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What to do when you're down?

You know, it's funny 'cause it's predictable. Every time Bush and Co. are threatened, they send out the attack dogs.

Push-polling and smears on John McCain in South Carolina in 2000.

Attacks on Joseph Wilson (who had served this country for 20 years, honorably) and his wife because he came back with a report from Niger that didn't support the Bush admin's claims about the war.

Sponsoring Swiftboat Vets (who were later proven to have been totally lying, too bad the mainstream media didn't care to look into their claims until after the fact) against John Kerry.

These are just the very, very well-known ones.

And the media and America has pretty much accepted them, not questioned them.

But, the Rove-ites may have made a crucial error this time: Americans may not care or question when you and your right wingers smear politicians and public figures, but they will and do care when you smear a mother who has sacrificed her son for this country.

Last week we heard the whole "she changed her story" spin. Unfortunately, a little research proved this one wrong and they've dropped this line of attack. Now, the idea is that she is a left-wing radical and does not support the troops. Or, if you're Rush Limbaugh, that the whole thing is fictional and supported by the liberal media (what liberal media, you may ask). She's been called a terrorist, a traitor, a whore, etc etc. By the people who claim to support the troops.

I honestly think that this is going to backfire on them. It's ok when you're trashing and smearing and spinning about politicians or people who spin and smear themselves. It's somewhat worrisome when you ruin lives like you did to Valerie and Joe Wilson. But people are going to be outraged about this smear by the right-wing on Cindy Sheehan and other relatives of fallen soldiers.

Tonight, across the nation, over 50,000 people went to over 1500 vigils in support of Cindy. They lit candles and have, I believe, begun to ignite a revolution. It's awful to think of the situation our world and country are in right now, but it's exciting to think about the fact that we are at a turning point that will go down in the history books. With almost 2,000 American soldiers dead and thousands more Iraqis, I believe we've reached a tipping point. And Cindy Sheehan came at just the right moment.

So, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Karl Rove, etc: go ahead, put your media machine on her. Bring it on. But, you've underestimated one thing: people.

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