Thursday, August 11, 2005

President Cheney

The Denver Post is reporting that Bob Woodward believes that it is "highly likely" that Dick Cheney will run for President in 2008.

Now, granted, he already has a lot of experience at being President, but...

I think it would be hard for him to win. Bush and Cheney made a great team because Bush could be the front man, bringing in the Religious Right and the social conservatives. Sure, he had massive ties to big business, but Cheney was the real assurance to corporations that a Bush/Cheney administration would leave no multinational corporation or billionaire behind.

Cheney, by himself, out front, rather than out-of-the-spotlight as a constant representative of big oil, energy, and money, will be a hard sell for social conservatives, I think. Even if Pat Robertson ran as VP. After all, he has a gay daughter, as KE04 so often reminded us last fall.

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