Friday, August 05, 2005

If you can't take the heat...

Yesterday was not a good day for right-wing ideologues. They're all losing it.

I guess I should have figured things like this would start happening after President Bush, the head of the Republican party, started flipping off the press corps last week.

But, not to be outdone in immaturity, today Bob Novak walked off the set of Inside Politics, yelling at James Carville that "This is bullshit!" One might guess that the only thing that would provoke the usually nasty Novak to go to such extremes would be a mention of the Valerie Plame affair. But, no, they were talking about Katherine Harris (see below). He just kind of cracked up. Maybe he knew what was inevitably coming soon. Maybe he was tired of the glare from James Carville's head. Who knows. He's got a lot going on, that's for sure.

In other conservative blowing-up news, Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum, Pennsylvania Senator, got a little hot under the collar when talking about homosexuality on the Brian Lehrer show on NPR. According to Crooks and Liars, "Santorum reiterated his assertion that gay sex is never consensual and that it is a kin to bigamy, polygamy, incest, or adultery. At that point, Lehrer let loose and brought up the fact that Santorum's Chief of Staff just came out of the closet. Santorum was pissed off that Lehrer brought this up."

Between Bush, Novak, Santorum, and Dick Cheney ("Go fuck yourself!" to Patrick Leahy on the senate floor, remember?), it's sad (but not all that surprising) when, back last fall, the biggest story for a few days was the fact that a candidate's wife had told an intrusive reporter to "shove off."

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