Thursday, March 09, 2006

Even better than that South Dakota guy (and that's saying something)!

Seriously, if you never watch another video I put on this blog, watch this one:

I know it's wrong, but I love these guys. I checked out his website. Dude is awesome. I do kind of wonder if part of the reason the ad's in black and white is (beyond the obvious, hark back to the fifties theme) because the people he's targeting in this ad would never, ever vote for a black man?

A selection of people who've endorsed him: Jesse Helms, Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, English Language PAC, the NRA, the Executive Directors of Gun Owners of America and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Right-to-Life, Bill Bennett, Pat Buchanan, The Dixie Daily News, Southern Caucus, Richard Petty, and Jeb Bush.

Even better: "My political heroes are Ronald Reagan, Jesse Helms, Clarence Thomas, and Antonin Scalia. That should give you a pretty good idea of where I stand."

He has other sorts of exciting views that you should check out. My personal favorite is ending taxes (income tax, corporate taxes, the "death tax," and the gift tax) except for a national sales tax. Brilliant. That way poor people can pay an even greater percentage of the taxes. I mean, he says he stands for the "common man," but the common man/woman spends a far greater of her/his percentage on things than does the rich woman/man, who save more of their money. It's inherently regressive and will cause lower and middle income people to pay a disproportionate amount of their income in taxes as compared to wealthier folks.

All idiocy aside, I wish him a good campaign. I kind of want him to win. C-SPAN would be so much more fun. But, I realize that I should put the well-being of the country (and my own well being as a woman and a not-rich one at that) ahead of entertainment value. Still, check him out.

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