Sunday, March 12, 2006

I have a midterm tomorrow.

Why do I always forget about these things?

Why, also, when my sleep schedule is entirely messed up (thank you, spring break!) can I never manage to get it right again. I've been going to be at approximately 7ish every morning for the past few days. I set my alarm for 10 or (in the hopes that I will wake up, be tired, and go to bed at a normal time that night), but I always wake up and turn it off, or somehow turn it off without any recollection of having woken up. Is it some subconscious knowledge that I don't really have anything to do today that keeps me from getting up? Certainly, I've gone to bed at 6 in the morning before, and been up for a class at 11 or 12. I wake up just fine then. Why can my body not do it now?

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