Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Why am I writing this? My time would be much better spent doing one of several things. And I am definitely in a time crunch here.

See, tomorrow, I have a midterm for which I have not studied. I'm not very concerned about it, but I would like to spend a few hours looking over the material. But, tomorrow I also need to read some articles and summarize/critique one for class on Thursday night (I'll get to why I can't actually do this on Thursday in a second), get something, anything together to give to my thesis advisor on Thursday (well, I'm a little more picky than that. I have something now, but it's turning out to be trickier than I thought and I don't mind giving her something bad... but I can't give her this), and I also have to prepare for and go to a N.O.W. meeting. I don't know what we're going to talk about. And D. probably won't be there to lead it.

I can't just spend Thursday reading for class and doing thesis-y things because on Thursday I'm going to this Women's Symposium at SMU all day (well at least the afternoon--and I won't get much done in the morning). And I'm excited about the symposium (Ann Crittenden will be there), but it's really, really inconvenient. It is so tempting to put off the thesis stuff. After all, I have all spring break to get stuff done (and I really do intend to get down to work then!) and this week is just so amazingly hectic that trying to fit it in just seems silly when I have a free-and-clear writing period ahead. But, last week I promised Dr. K I would have something for her by Thursday, and while I don't think she'll care too much if I don't, I would feel really bad if I can't meet my own self-imposed deadline. If nothing else, at least, I have this atrocious bit of something and some references to give her. Ha.

Wish me luck as I power through the rest of this week.

And, now I'm heading to bed (3:15 am) with the hopes of getting up at a reasonable hour tomorrow to get some of this stuff done.

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