Friday, March 10, 2006

Infallible reasoning

I am totally weird. I acknowledge this. For instance: tonight, rather than clean or work on homework, I've been checking out the War on Christians Conference (panels include The Gay Agenda: America Won't be Happy and Judicial Activists: Overturning God, speakers include Rick Scarborough, Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafly, John Cornyn, and, yes, oh my gosh yes, Tom Delay--how I wish I could go!) and listening to Phyllis Schlafly's online radio program.

And I just heard the best reasoning ever.

Janet Folger, an anti-abortion activist, is responding to a caller who is wondering about statistics he had heard touted by Chuck Schumer about what percentage of Americans support reproductive rights. Clearly, those statistics aren't true.

Her reasoning: "If people are actually advocating--they're giving everything they have--to actually promote the dismemberment of children, what makes us think they won't lie?"

Sorry for the conservative love-fest of late. I'm afraid I'm coming off as an actual conservative. I mean, I do love Phyllis Schafley, I do. But I wouldn't want anyone to mistake me for agreeing with her.

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