Wednesday, March 01, 2006

For those of you following today's events:

  • Nothing from Northwestern. Another day of agony ensues.
  • I don't think I did wonderfully on the midterm. But, and I say this completely honestly, surprising even myself: I don't care.
  • I finished my reading and tiny writing thing for class tomorrow.
  • We had the N.O.W. meeting and it went well considering we weren't organized. My favorite part was during a lag bringing up South Dakota and generating interesting conversation that eventually led to what it means to be a "feminist" in this political climate.
  • I have yet to do thesis-y things. I'm about to throw something together to give to Dr. K tomorrow.
  • I have to find some clothes (anything but jeans really) to wear to SMU thingy tomorrow. Hopefully this won't mean ironing or washing anything.

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