Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy belated birthday!

This blog is now two years (and a few days) old. Except for exceptionally slacking summers, I've kept up okay. At least I haven't abandoned it, as I have two livejournals, one Xanga, a myspace, and untold scores of diaries.

In I-am-an-idiot news, I just wasted the about $15 dollars I spent on printing today. I decided to get some of the reading done by taking a nice warm bath. I had (illegal in my apartment) candles set up, lovely music in the background, and started filling the bathtub. I let it fill a little too long. And the little drain near the top of the tub didn't work. So it overfilled. Only slightly, I caught it before there was too much spilled water. But enough to drench (and render unreadable) my printed articles.

In further illegal news, I want a cat. This living with no one is kind of sucky. But, no, I don't particularly want a roommate. Unless it's Ema, but she's far away. A pet would be lovely. But not a dog--dogs require taking out regularly. No, a cat would be lovely. I know I can't bring Nino here. And if I got one now, I'd have to deal with the taking it home in December problem. I don't know. But I do know that the permissible pets (i.e., fish in small tanks) won't do the trick.

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