Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I miss law.

I think after I get my PhD (I know what you're thinking--that's quite a ways away, missy!) I'll go to law school. I took several law classes in undergrad (Constitutional Law, Civil Liberties, Civil Rights Law, Law and Gender...) and besides a few of my sociology and gender classes (largely ones taught by two professors from whom I took multiple classes), they were my favorite.

Many of my sociological interests are to do with the law--how groups are constructed through the law, how the law is constructed, etc.

I spent most of stats class today looking at the faculty at top law schools. It's not uncommon for them to have both JDs and PhDs. I think this is really something I'd be interested in doing (becoming a law professor, that is).

Only problem with law school is that they tend to charge you for it. It costs a lot more than grad school. There are a few funded LL.M and other law master's programs out there. That might work. I just feel like I love the law but don't really have a great grounding in it. Not near as much as I would like anyway.

I also want to be on the Supreme Court one day, and what better way to start down that path than to actually go to law school?

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Cheeky Prof said...

I might suggest law school OR the PhD. The student loans will kill you. Trust me on this one.