Monday, November 06, 2006

Happy Election Eve!

I don't know how tomorrow will go, but I have high hopes. Right now I don't have time for any detailed post. But, here are some bullet points.
  • I have an extremely low tolerance for awkward silences in classrooms. I don't know how much more social psych I can take.
  • Speaking of social psych, man, am I an idiot. This weekend, while I spent time relaxing, reading for the final paper, I completely forgot about the paper that's due at noon today. Yeah, it's 7:15 right now. Not really a paper, a presentation write-up for Wednesday. No one ever gets them in on time. But I'm still an idiot.
  • Still need to finish up stats.
  • I got the tastiest chai tea bags and now make the tastiest (no? well, ok, the cheapest) chai latte ever.
  • Jim Pederson is rising in the polls.
  • I hope we hire the person who gave a job talk in the department today.
  • I got four hours of sleep last night, and tonight's looking iffy.
  • ELECTION NIGHT PARTY TOMORROW. My place. Whenever. We'll watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and make fun of the CNN and FOX guys.

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