Wednesday, November 22, 2006

They already have Bill O'Reilly....

More info on this supposed FOX conservative humor show that I talked about a post or two ago.

I still don't get it. Humor is often humorous because it is anti-establishment. It takes pot shots at the people with power, with those at the top of society. John Stewart isn't "liberal," he's funny. He finds humor in the system, in the media, etc. (Stephen Colbert is a conservative character, thus making fun of conservatives, but again, his humor relies on the media system, which he is parodying... the cult of personality talk shows.)

Speaking of right wing comedy, here is comedian Julia Gorin. It's painful to watch, but you should try. She almost sounds like she's a parody of conservatives when she's talking about how she feels positively liberal when she sees skinny women: "some people have so much while others have so little. It's the only time I want to share." uh. So, for your joke to work, there's an assumption that conservatives are completely unconcerned about inequality. As a non-conservative, I don't think that's completely fair to conservatives, but whatever. Anyway, have a look. She's in front of a sympathetic audience, but near the end she looses even them.

I wonder if this new conservative comedy will be hiring conservative (not-so-)funny man Michael Richards. Remember? Kramer/racist comic.

From my experience with right-wing humor (remember, I listen to conservative talk radio), here are examples of what will probably be their standard jokes. Variations on:
Nancy Pelosi is a man.
Ted Kennedy is a drunk.
Michael Moore is fat.
Bill Clinton is a slut.
Feminists just want abortion rights so they can be sluts like Bill Clinton.
Howard Dean yells like a girl.
Monica Lewinsky was fat anyway.
Hillary Clinton is... Hillary Clinton.

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