Saturday, November 11, 2006

How much have I gotten done this weekend?

None. I'm like halfway through an article I need to write a paper about. I need to do stats, and it looks relatively time intensive. I need to come up with a final outline for my social psych final to show to H.W., I need to work on a lit review for K., and I need to get some SNA stuff done. Now that I write it out it doesn't seem as long as it does in my head. But, right now, most of all, I need to get something to eat. I am hungry, but I have no food in my apartment. And I would have to shower and get dressed in order to go to the store. So I'm going to drive through Wendy's and get a baked potato and a Caesar salad. I would go to subway or quiznos, but that would require getting out of the car. I wish I could describe to you how disgusting my hair is at the moment. I can't get out of my car. Then I have to come home, get work done, and take a shower.

Update: So, I went to the store anyway. Sometimes, I read other peoples' blogs and feel better about myself. This is an opportunity for me to make you feel better about yourself. So, I decide to go to Fry's. Bear in mind that my hair is disgusting (last night I took a bath, where my hair got soapy wet, but I didn't shower after that, this morning I worked out, was going to shower afterwards, but ended up napping instead, and haven't showered yet..but it's not horrible, because I've put it up in a bun), my clothes are just whatever I could find (crappy t-shirt and some capris), and I'm wearing black flip flops that I've had for about a year. First thing, in Fry's, I manage I knock down a medicine display with my cart. Then I manage to accidentally shoplift. Which I got caught for. (It wasn't so bad... a thing of sugar-free orange drink mix had slipped into the side of the shopping cart, I hadn't seen it, and the person at the door asked about it on the way out.) So, then I'm walking out in the parking lot, hands full of heavy, heavy bags. And I trip. Into a water(?) and mud mixture. I look disgusting. When I'm standing up, I manage to somehow break my flip flops in such a way that repair is out of the question. So I throw it away. The ride home wasn't so bad. But, while driving, my hair falls out of its bun, so I go to re-do it. The band breaks. So, you know how gross, dirty hair looks after it's been up for a while? Yeah, my hair looked like that and there was nothing I could do to fix it. When I got home, I could only find a parking space on the fourth floor of the garage. So, with my muddy clothes, one shoe, and disgusting hair, I walk down floor flights of steps with an overload of groceries. Surprisingly, I do not fall. I do run into people on the way, though. These people studiously avoid making eye contact. I would too.

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