Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I feel like an idiot now (but you've already accepted me... no take-backs!)

Oh my gosh, Wisconsin sociology! Update your stupid website. At least your faculty listings. Had you done so, the statement of purpose I sent you would list faculty in the department who I am interested in working with rather than two people who are not even in your department anymore.

In fact, had you updated your website, I might have applied to USC this semester (where both of them went).

I am sure that your admissions committee, reading my statement of purpose thought I was a bit of an idiot (though not so much of one as to not admit me).

Well, it's your own fault!

Edit: I realize that, maybe, perhaps, I ought to have done a little more research on my own, but, honestly, they should have it right. If I decide that I like a person's work, I google them, and find out that they are at Wisconsin, according to the website, why should I distrust that?

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